Tech PD Leaders

Leader of Professional Development

Teachers have multiple opportunities each year to share their success (and challenges) with their colleagues!  Tech Tuesdays are all about celebrating each other, learning from our neighbors, and collaborating with one another!   Each Tech Tuesday (3:00-3:30) will use one or more PD style.  Participating as a Leader in a Tech Tuesdays will give our teachers a chance to share what they are doing and what they have learned with their colleagues and reflect on what they shared in order to earn a badge!


Classroom VisitTitle:  Classroom Visits Leader Badge

Description: We each teach in our own silos and rarely have the opportunity to visit another classroom and watch a colleague in action!  This is a great opportunity to open your classroom up to your colleagues and share with them what you are doing with your students.  Only in the classroom can teachers really see what your doing and how you are managing it with your students.  This is a perfect opportunity for your colleagues to learn how you handle the bumps and imperfections of using technology with students, and take away new classroom management skills for their own integration.  This badge is worth 5 credits because it will include a “pre-visit” meeting to go over what you will be teaching, the classroom visit itself, and a “post-visit” meeting to reflect and answer follow-up questions.




IgniteTitle:  Ignite Sessions Leader Badge

Description: Are you excited by something that happened in your classroom through the use of technology?  Do you want to share your success with your colleagues in a 1 minute video clip? See how your excitement can ignite your colleagues and inspire them to learn from your experience.  After we show 5 of these 1 minute video clips, teachers can take the rest of the time to seek you out for further discussion and collaboration on the ideas that you presented.




Speed DatingTitle:  Speed Dating Leader Badge

Description: 5 teachers will set up “Speed Dating Booths” where they will have 4 minutes to show their colleagues something they have been working on and engage in a quick but meaningful conversation about how this could be used in other classrooms.  Do you have something to share?  Be a leader of a speed dating booth!  When the buzzer goes off, the teachers will rotate to a new booth and you will start all over again.  After 20 minutes of speed dating, teachers will have a chance to report out, share their thoughts, or even circle back to a booth for a second date and further discussion!