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Description: Create a Credly account so you can start earning badges for your PD time spent on Technology!

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What is this?

Credly empowers the recognition of lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials.

Giving and Earning Credit Where Credit Is Due

Credly extends credit-earning and issuing out of its traditional realms into any setting where skills, knowledge, or contributions can and should be certified.

  • Earners: As a credit earner you curate, manage, and showcase all of the credit you receive. Invite people to your Credly profile to see your growing set of credentials, or share your achievements in places it matters most to you, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or your own blog, portfolio or website.
  • Issuers: As a credit issuer you will distribute official digital credentials to verify skills, competencies, professional certifications, licenses, course completions, involvement in events, programs and activities, and much more. Add testimonials and evidence to emphasize the meaning behind your digital badges. And get valuable data and insights about where and how your credentials are being used and seen.

Basic Ways to Use This For Teaching and Learning:

This program will be used this year for TEACHER learning, not student learning.  Credly will be used to keep track of your technology PD participation.  The more you learn and try something new, the more badges you will earn.  These badges can be used at the end of the year for your Evaluation, as well as to earn ERO points.

Basic Video Tutorial:

Tutorial Basic PDF Instruction Sheets:



How to Earn Your Credly Badge:

Go to Complete the sign up process, and your badge will automatically be issued to you!   The “Joining Credly” Video and PDF above will help you with this.