Tech F2F PD

Face to Face Professional Development

F2F PD Schedule:  Tech Tuesday 2016-2017

Appy HourTitleAppy Hour PD Badge

Description: We all need time to play and explore with apps.  This appy hour is a time to sit by yourself, collaborate with your team, or with an “expert” on a particular strategy. Take this time to play with a particular app and ask questions of your colleagues to plan implementation into your instruction.




Camp FireTitleCamp Fire PD Badge

Description: Each participant will get to choose 1 “campfire” discussions to attend for 15 minutes.  Then we will have time at the end to report out about our conversations.  This is an organic PD.  Each “campfire” will have a broad topic up for discussion.  A leader will emerge to facilitate the conversation (keep us on topic and moving forward).  The directions of the conversations and the ideas shared/explored are fully decided by the participants.  Get ready to learn from each other!




Classroom VisitsTitleClassroom Visits PD Badge

Description: We each teach in our own silos and rarely have the opportunity to visit another classroom and watch a colleague in action!  This is a great opportunity to be inspired and learn from each other.  Only in the classroom do you really see what works and what doesn’t.  This is a perfect opportunity to see how a teacher handles the bumps and imperfections of using technology with students, and take away new classroom management skills for your own integration.  This badge is worth 3 credits because it will include a “pre-visit” meeting to go over what you will be seeing, the classroom visit itself, and a “post-visit” meeting to reflect and ask follow-up questions.




IgniteTitleIgnite Sessions PD Badge

Description: 5 teachers, 5 ideas, 1 minute each.  Watch a 5 minute video of your colleagues sharing something they have done in a rapid, quick-fire fashion.  Then take the rest of the time to seek out the teachers from the videos for further discussion and collaboration on the ideas that they presented.




SAMRTitleSAMR Slam! PD Badge

Description: Dig into SAMR.  What level(s) are we generally teaching in.  Can we push any of these to be “above the line” of SAMR?  Is it necessary?  What would change for the students?  The objective?  The learning outcome?  Let’s discuss!!!




Speed DatingTitleSpeed Dating PD Badge

Description: 5 teachers will set up “Speed Dating Booths” where they will have 4 minutes to show you something they have been working on and engage in a quick but meaningful conversation with you about how this could be used in your classroom.  When the buzzer goes off, move to the next booth.  After 20 minutes of speed dating, we will have a chance to report out, share our thoughts, or even circle back to a booth for a second date and further discussion!



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