Technology Integration

Abingdon Technology Integration

Alyssa Moody, Instructional Technology Coordinator

What is the mission of technology integration at Abingdon?

Abingdon students pride themselves on being both consumers and producers of digital and non-digital content.  This idea of consuming digital content and producing original digital content is kept at the heart of our technology integration program.  But what do we mean by Consumers and Producers?

consumer producer tech.001


consumer producer tech.002


What are students doing with Technology at Abingdon? 

At Abingdon, we believe in preparing students for their future careers by embedding 21st century skills into our instruction. Our students are researching, publishing digital eBooks, producing movies, blogging, participating in online discussions, and managing all of their digital resources in their own virtual classrooms.  Please see the Personalized Learning Page and the Implementation at Abingdon Page for more specific information about the iPad Initiative in grades 2, 3 and 5. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum in a “real world” way.  Students are often challenged with tasks that mimic the business world. They not only use the technology to search and sort information for understanding, but also to create and communicate meaning by “smashing” many different apps or technologies together in order to create dynamic products.

Here are a few of the technology projects that have been done at Abingdon.

What Technology is available to the students at Abingdon? Abingdon currently has a Technosphere (Mac desktop computer lab that is meant to be a flexible and collaborative space), four laptop carts with MacAirs, 17 1:1 iPad classrooms (grades 2, 3, 4 and 5), 2 iPad carts, and small iPad sets in all K-1st classrooms.


Published December 31, 69 5:00PM