Technology Coaching

Michelle Jaeckel, Exemplary Project Teacher for Technology Integration and Technology Coach

What is the mission of the Technology Coaching Program at Abingdon?

Following the goals outlined for Technology Integration at Abingdon, the Technology Coach assists teachers in using technology effectively for differentiating instruction and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences.  The goal is for teachers to integrate technology in such a way that it is a natural and authentic tool for learning for teachers and students. Technology integration is not a separate subject or a once-in-a-while project but a tool leveraged to engage and extend student learning otherwise unattainable in a traditional classroom environment.During the 2015-2016 school year, the focus for the Technology Coach is kindergarten through second grade and specialists.

What does the Technology Coaching Program look like at Abingdon?
Tech Coaching Abingdon

Gather & Analyze Evidence The Technology Coach attends grade level meetings to review and analyze data and student work to determine specific aspects of student performance and teacher needs.  The collaborative team works to identify specific academic and technology objectives to target in order to maximize student performance. They also determine areas where technology coaching is needed.

Design an Action Plan The Technology Coach holds coaching meetings with teachers and grade level teams to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate technology-infused lessons or unit plans focused on predetermined academic and technology objectives.  During these meetings, the technology coach assesses area of need for professional development and creation/co-creation of resources for staff members.

Implement Action Plan The Technology Coach and teacher or grade level team implement the action plan.  The Technology Coach’s role in the action plan includes, but is not limited to, assistance in vetting resources and available technology tools, creation of content and technological materials, model teaching, co-teaching, or troubleshooting with the classroom teacher or grade level team.

Monitor & Adjust Action Plan The Technology Coach and teacher or grade level team monitor student performance through both formal and informal formative and summative assessments.  The action plan is adjusted based on the results of the assessments of student performance. Through this process the Technology Coach and teacher or grade level team discuss ways in which the technology integration can be applied or adapted for a variety instructional uses.

As teachers take over more of the technology integration instructional planning and delivery the Technology Coach transitions to a consulting role.

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