Tech Needs

ALL Tech Needs MUST be entered into 2847.

By completing the appropriate forms below, an email will be sent to Kerry Abbott, Kate Neal, Jackie Firster and 2847.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the forms below.  Thank you.

Teacher Technical Help or Repair (maintenance, repair, cords, etc.)
Tech Help

Teacher Training and Coaching (professional development, co-teaching, planning, push-in lessons, etc)

Tech Training

Teacher App or Subscription Request for APS


New Student – iPad NEEDED

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 3.25.58 PM

Student Repair – iPad, Cord, Login Card, etc

iPad and Cord

Link to Canvas Tutorials

Canvas Logo

You can use this temporarily to get a feel for the Canvas LMS that we will begin switching to in 2017-18.  I will create badges and flipped training for EVERYTHING you might want to know how to do, but until I create that, you start taking a peek here.  We will also have lots of Face-to-Face training on this new LMS platform which will replace Schoology.