Family Technology Resources

Please check back often – we will be adding more and more information to this page in the next few months!

ParentVue Activation Help

You will receive a ParentVue Activation Letter in the mail. Once you receive it, follow the directions in the letter, or watch a video tutorial below to help you activate, set up, and log into your account! If you need a new Activation Letter, please contact our main office.

Use this video to activate and access your ParentVue account: Si hablas español, usa este video:

Thank you to Assistant Principal Rivas at Barcroft Elementary School for sharing your tutorial!

Gracias a Señora Rivas, en la Escuela Primaria Barcroft por compartir su video!

Parent Email Account Help

Please use this “Setting Up Gmail Account” guide to help you create and access a Gmail account if you do not currently have an email address.

Si hablas español, usa este “Cómo Configurar Gmail“. 

(Mongolian and Arabic versions coming soon.)

You may also watch this video on how to create a new Gmail account: