Bass Lessons with Professor Brandon

iasaa      brandon

Professor Brandon is a wonderful bass player.  Here are some tips for great bass playing.  Our students are looking good, too.  Great posture.  Does your posture look as fabulous as Professor Brandon’s?


Great Bow hand!  Look at the very professional and perfect bow hold!  Look how relaxed it is.


Another view of a great bow hold.  Relaxed, but in control.  You tell that bow what to do and where to play.


Awesome bow hold from the back.  Check to see that you hold the bow this well.  Of course, Professor Brandon has been working on it for about 15 years!!!!!


Close up of a professional bass bow hold.  This is great.  Now, the music will flow.  A bad bow hold makes a song sound yucky.  A beautiful, relaxed bow hold makes a song sound great.


Excellent posture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!