Project G.I.F.T.

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Guiding Instruction through Fine Arts and Technology, provides the school focus for Abingdon to increase student achievement and community engagement by integrating arts and technology into our daily instructional practices.

Abingdon’s Project GIFT (Guiding Instruction through Fine Arts and Technology) seeks to increase student achievement by integrating fine arts and technology into the core curriculum.  The school’s program provides each student personalized instruction throughout their day in a collaborative teaching model.  We have developed a partnership with The John F. Kennedy Center’s CETA Program (Changing Education Through the Arts). This partnership provides our staff with professional development activities in arts integration. It also provides our students with the opportunity to attend fine arts events as well as work with visiting Teaching Artists within their classrooms.

Here is an example of “Fine Arts and Technology Integration” in the classroom:

tiny toy pic

Project GIFT consists of the following components:

  • Staff-wide training provided by the Kennedy Center through the CETA (Changing Education Through the Arts) Program.
  • School wide implementation of arts and technology integration strategies.
  • Arts coaching provided by Kennedy Center experts Melanie Ricks and Sean Layne.
  • Technology Lab School through Discovery Education with Coaching by Amy Gropper.
  • Wheel Courses: Architecture, Living Histories, Science Lab, Spanish (K-3rd Grade), Suzuki
  • Violin for all 4th graders, and Instrumental Music for all 5th graders.
  • The elimination of early release Wednesdays and the implementation of 1½ hours of daily uninterrupted planning time for teachers.
  • After school activities that further expand students’ talents and extend the time, if needed, for remediation.
  • Increased opportunities for parent and community involvement with evening events, such as Library Nights, Project GIFT Showcase Nights, Movie Nights, Fall Festival, Book Fair, and cultural-themed nights.