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Abingdon's Math Specialist Team

Math Specialist Team Pictured from left to right: Rachel Nesbitt, Kelly Penfield, Estela Tice, and Kanako Lyons

The math program at Abingdon supports students in developing strong mathematical skills with understanding, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills.  K-5 teachers are using the newly-adopted curriculum materials from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math Expressions. Abingdon’s Math Coach plans with teachers, co-teaches in their classrooms, and works with students toward the goal of deep understanding of mathematics content and computational fluency. Teachers and students use a variety of math strategies and materials toward meeting that goal.

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The sites below provide engaging and valuable practice with a variety of math skills and concepts for preK-5 students.  (Note: many sites will not work on an iPad.)

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