Lunch Plans

Updated 2/14/2022, 7:45am. APS is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students throughout the entire school day. This includes during lunch, when students will not be able to wear masks while actively eating or drinking. We have developed a plan to protect student health and safety during meals, in accordance […]

iPad Setup at Home

To ensure you can connect to your home network, you may need to take these steps. Step 1: Reset Network Settings Find the Settings app, the icon for which is pictured below, and press it to open it. (Your student may have moved it to a folder. If you need help finding Settings, ask your student.) Within Settings, […]

Remote Learning

These pages are designed to assist families during the COVID-19 school closure event, to help skill practice continue at home. These resources are not a replacement for the high level of instruction that students receive from their professional teachers in their classrooms. APS does not endorse these activities as instruction that replaces what would be […]

iPad FAQ

Common Abingdon Questions My child received an iPad from APS for Summer Learning. What do I need to do to set it up, and what do I need to know about how my child should use it? Please review this letter from APS about your child’s iPad and how they should use it for the […]

Abingdon’s iPad Contract

Abingdon’s “iPad Contract” for Students and Families The assigned device is part of the APS Personalized Learning Initiative and is dedicated to student learning.  Students and families should understand the following expectations regarding the iPad 1:1 initiative.STUDENT Agreement: I will take care of my iPad, keep it in its case, and carry it safely. I […]

Attendance Policy

EXCUSED ABSENCES (ALL OTHERS ARE UNEXCUSED) Illness, quarantine of student, doctor or dentist appointment Death in the family Observance of a religious holiday Summons to a court of law Suspensions Violent storms or state emergencies Severe family emergencies Other special cases approved by the school principal PLANNING A TRIP? Please notify the school a week […]

Exemplary Project

CETA Partnership Abingdon’s program provides each student personalized instruction throughout their day in a collaborative teaching model.  We have developed a partnership with The John F. Kennedy Center’s CETA Program (Changing Education Through the Arts). This partnership provides our staff with professional development activities in arts integration. It also provides our students with the opportunity […]