Abingdon “Hour of Code” = HUGE Success!

Last year, Abingdon students logged over 700 coding hours during the “The Hour of Code” week. This year we more than doubled that! In December, educationally fun apps were sent out to the students’ iPads.  This “Hour of Code” event typically takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week, and even though Abingdon supports the belief that students can be coding all year round, we spent time throughout all of December highlighting fabulous activities that taught our students how to become expert coders! Mrs. Fatouros used BrainPop videos and the website to work with students on new coding activities during their library time. In the Science Wheel, Mr. Kivitz introduced students to an activity which turned their friends into robots that they took turns learning how to program by writing multiple lines of code. Ms. Megonigal and Ms. Muscarella transformed their art classes into maker coding spaces for two weeks with the help of Abingdon’s Tech Team. They challenged students to build LEGO mazes which they then had to code figures to move through. In Architecture, Mr. McDavitt’s students were building with code in a Minecraft Activity! Hopefully, you checked out some of the classroom’s Twitter Feeds so you could see all of the innovative coding activities that were going on in Abingdon classrooms, but if you missed it check out our photo gallery below!

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Winter Assembly

Mark Rooney, from the Humanities Project at Abingdon Elementary School showing our students the Art of Japanese Drumming.