Firster – Schoology Super Advanced Badge

  • Title: Firster – Schoology Super Advanced Badge
  • Reflection:
    • I completed the Schoology Advanced Flipped PD.
    • Summary: I went through the Schoology Help list provided in the flipped instructions. I found two things that I have not tried before and used them both for this PD. I looked into two other things but they are only available if you have the paid version of Schoology or not applicable to what I do in my role as an Resource Teacher for Gifted Services (Big Blue Button for video conferencing).  The first thing that I tried out was building my own rubric for an assignment and incorporating the Standards of Learning directly into the matrix. The second aspect that I tried out was the polling function in the Update section.
    • I really liked the rubric grading component. It was an easy way of creating a rubric and having all of the SOL’s easily accessible all in one place. It was incredibly easy to use, as most things are on Schoology. I liked the fact that you can change any aspect of the rubric including descriptors, point system, and leveled comments.
    • I am/was inspired to use this rubric feature with my students because it is extremely important for them to understand the expectation that I hold for them for each project. This can happen before they begin working. If the students can review the objectives (or better yet, develop them with the teacher) they will have a solid understanding of what they need to do to achieve the highest level of success.
    • I wish I had used this for other big projects in the past instead of creating my own in a separate app or page. The students truly benefit from having all of their directions, assignments, video instruction, links, and grading scale in one location. It is very difficult for them to misplace anything. The polling system was okay. It was not very flashy and I wish it was more developed.
    • I wonder if there is a way to make changes to the polling feature. For example, it would be nice if the different votes were delineated or if they provided the option to know which students voted for which option.
    • In the future I might develop the rubric collaboratively with the students to make it more of a student-centric process by projecting it for the whole class to participate in designing the criteria and the expectations.
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Rubric Sample


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