Personalized Learning

iPad FAQ

Common Abingdon Questions My child received an iPad from APS for Summer Learning. What do I need to do to set it up, and what do I need to know about how my child should use it? Please review this letter from APS about your child’s iPad and how they should use it for the […]

iPad App Catalog

The apps on your child’s iPad have been carefully selected as appropriate learning tools. The students will not be allowed to download any apps on their own, and ALL apps will be downloaded through the county provided App Catalog, not the App Store. We will teach your child about Apple IDs, passwords, and how to […]


Homework will most likely look different for your child this year. At the beginning of the year, the iPad homework might be to simply charge your device at home and bring it back to school in the morning fully charged.  Please remember that the use of the iPad at home beyond assigned schoolwork should follow […]

Abingdon’s iPad Contract

Abingdon’s “iPad Contract” for Students and Families The assigned device is part of the APS Personalized Learning Initiative and is dedicated to student learning.  Students and families should understand the following expectations regarding the iPad 1:1 initiative.STUDENT Agreement: I will take care of my iPad, keep it in its case, and carry it safely. I […]

Implementation of iPads at Abingdon

Technology creates engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences for all students regardless of background, language, or disabilities. At Abingdon, we will be deploying a personalized iPad to each student in grades 2, 3, and 5 for instruction use.  We have been using technology to support student learning for many years, and many of our teachers have […]

Personalized Devices for Student Learning

2018-2019 iPad Student & Parent Device Acceptance Form 2018-2019 Acuerdo de APS de Responsabilidad y Uso Aceptable de Dispositivos Digitales de Aprendizaje APS Digital Resource Page & Approved App List Shared iPads at School in Grades K, 1 and 2: Students in Grades K, 1 and 2 will have access to small classroom sets of […]

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Devices

What about lost, stolen or damaged devices? Last year this was not a problem at Abingdon and we expect the students will continue to take good care of their devices. In the unlikely event that a device is damaged, lost, or stolen, and the child has taken reasonable precautions to take care of it, APS […]

Family Resources

How can I oversee use of the device at home to ensure proper use? Are there resources for families? APS has acquired a Digital Citizenship curriculum for all of our classes. The curriculum is provided by Common Sense Media.Common Sense Media also provides information for parents on the use of technology at home. You can […]