Vocal Music

Abingdon’s Vocal and Instrumental Music Team Music Teacher- Ms. Kingsley Music Teacher- Mr. Heim Music Teacher-  Mr.O’Neill Band Teacher- Ms. Koesterer

Instructional Program

Abingdon’s instructional program is consistent with Arlington Public Schools’ goal to teach all students a broad body of knowledge, effective communication skills, a rational system of thought, and use of their individual creativity. To see how Abingdon implements the curriculum, click on the individual classes under the curriculum tab. Learn more about APS Curriculum & Instruction


Art Teacher- Ms. Muscarella Art Teacher- Ms. Barnes In art class, the students at Abingdon enjoy working with a variety of materials and techniques through the use of painting, drawing, graphics, and sculpture.  We also foster talent in art and the creative process by recognizing math processes involved to complete a work of […]


Math Coach- Ms. Penfield Math Coach- Ms. Tice Math Interventionist- Ms.Treadwell The math program at Abingdon supports students in developing strong mathematical skills with understanding, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills.  K-5 teachers are using the newly-adopted curriculum materials from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math Expressions. Abingdon’s Math Coach plans with teachers, co-teaches in their classrooms, […]

Physical Education

Abingdon PE Team Mr. Reed – Mr. Reed is in his 17th year of teaching, all at Abingdon! He is originally from Long Island, NY. He has his undergraduate and graduate degree from Springfield College (The Birthplace of Basketball), where he played and coached college basketball. He is currently the Head Basketball Coach at […]

Reading and Writing

Literacy Coach- Ms. Hailstone Literacy Coach- Ms. Moller Literacy Interventionist- Ms. Leahey Literacy Interventionist- Ms. Holly Reading and Writing Workshop One of the primary goals of Abingdon Elementary is helping each child develop a love for reading and writing. Whether your child is already an avid reader or reluctant to pick […]


  Classroom teachers at Abingdon use a variety of teaching methods to instruct students in science.  Students in kindergarten and first grade teach science through non-fiction literature while most of the content is covered “hands-on” in Science Lab.  Second grade teachers utilize the History Alive Approach in Science Interactive Notebooks, conduct “hands-on” activities, make literature […]

Social Studies

    At Abingdon, teachers use a History Alive! approach to teach social studies. “History Alive! is a series of instructional practices used by teachers that allow students with diverse learning styles to “experience” history. These teaching methods were developed by teachers who carefully and thoughtfully combined educational research and theory with the realities of […]