Abingdon’s Pre-K Team Kim Kimberly – & Kim Dean – Samantha Marra- Delmy Reyes- Betzabe Olivera-  Welcome to Abingdon Pre-K! Our students are engaged in various learning experiences through exploration, play and direct instruction. Our Program’s key components are: Literacy Block, SWPL, and Story Time Everyday Counts Math High Scope Group […]


Abingdon’s Kindergarten Team Sara Tyson – & Lina Veizaga-  Sara Platt- & Anna Richey-  Mary Cantwell- & Clare Mclean-  Olympia Carranza- & Corinne Kramer- Kristi Maddox- & Kotriana Roper-  Carly Altenberg- & Filly Barrientos- Lauren Meehan- Anna Strachan-  Lorena Reyes-Andrade-  Julia […]

First Grade

Abingdon’s First Grade Team Nicole Jondahl- Elizabeth Katz- Lucille Amatos- Boae Kim – Claire Bondi- Maria Smith – Lorena Reyes-Andrade-  Alison West- Lauren Meehan- Meredith Rose- Abingdon First Grade is full of…  First graders all learn to be more independent readers, writers and mathematicians. In […]

Second Grade

Abingdon’s Second Grade Team Emily Bennett – Sara Edmonds- Rebecca Madrona – Chelsea Sachse – Lori Willden- Jillian Cimilluca- Helen Ryan- Kim Chi Crittenden- Jeremy Blaine- Lauren Meehan- Second graders are immersed in a variety of learning experiences using their multiple intelligences to improve their […]

Third Grade

Abingdon’s Third Grade Team Amy Burd- Briana Carey- Katie Coan- Monica Day- Amanda Domfe- Jacqueline Moody- Anne Carroll- Danna Samuels-  Students in the third grade explore the world around them through reading, math, art, drama, writing and technology.  They are a community of learners. By anchoring their […]

Fourth Grade

Abingdon’s Fourth Grade Team Jennifer Crawford- Katie Kooiman- Natalie Hummel- Rachel Murphy- Nicole Arratia-Walters- Kim Chi Crittenden- Billie Cooper-  Patricia Totten- Danna Samuels-  Exploring and Learning! Fourth graders work together to explore new concepts in Social Studies in a way that integrates art, writing, and history. Depicted […]

Fifth Grade

Abingdon’s Fifth Grade Team Kerry Abbott – Nicole Thorpe- Madeline Reicherter- Melissa Zandonella- Mary Perez- Billie Cooper-  Kimberly Stewart- The seniors of Abingdon have been having a blast learning through writing, music, and technology! The fifth grade kicked off the year writing travel journals and going on an overnight […]