Abingdon’s Staff of the Year

We congratulate Jackie Firster for Teacher of the Year and and Donna Felipe for Support Employee Staff of the Year!

The Abingdon staff has voted for their 2016-2017 Teacher and Support Staff of the Year. Now, both Jackie and Donna need your letters of support! These letters of support should discuss the nominee’s involvement in the school community. Letters should not exceed two typed pages. They can be submitted from APS employees, current or past students, parents, APS volunteers, and Arlington residents. If you would like to write a letter of support for Jackie and/or Donna. Please submit your letters to our Assistant Principal, Blandine Liguidi. The letter should be an original, signed copy, addressed to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. All letters of recommendation are needed by end of day on Friday, January 6th!

They both are so deserving of our support! We would love to include any letters that you can write in with their applications!

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