Month: September 2016

Kim Kerby – WordPress

Title: Kim Kerby – WordPress Badge Reflection: I completed flipped WordPress PD. Summary: I learned how to login to wordpress I like that the tech PDs are at Abingdon I am inspired to create posts in WordPress I wish I was better at using technology I wonder if I will find WordPress to be easy […]

Linda Ellis-Worpress Badge

Title: YOUR NAME – NAME OF BADGE YOU ARE REFLECTING ON Reflection: I completed the WordPress PD. Summary: I read about posting to wordpress, flipped lessons, and how to upload a picture to wordpress. I like: relearning how to use wordpress, and re-reading about flipped lessons. I am/was inspired to . . .to use flipped lessons […]

Jessica Mattes Word Press Badge

Title: JESSICA MATTES – WORD PRESS Reflection: I attended (or completed) the Word Press PD. Summary: I learned to use word press, login to this program and make a blog. I like . . .that we get to work with our coworkers and explore these technology options. I am/was inspired to . . .continue learning […]

Laura Idol – WordPress Badge

Title: Laura Idol – WordPress Reflection: I completed the WordPress PD Summary: Today, I relearned how to post on WordPress.  This is much easier so I hope that I will use it more. I like how much easier this is to you.  And, I like that it part of our one-login.  Now, we don’t have […]

Sarah Tyson – WordPress Badge

I attended or completed the WordPress Badge PD. Summary: I learned how to post a blog post to the Technology PD Reflections Blog. I like that I am able to practice how to create a blog post and collaborate with my colleagues. I am inspired to use WordPress more in the future to reflect on […]

Kimberlee Gorecki – WordPress Badge

  Reflection: I completed the WordPress PD. Summary: I learned how to login to wordpress and create a post. I like using the reflection format to quickly reflect and keep my ideas organized. I am inspired to learn how I can use this with my students. I wish to utilize wordpress more this year professionally. […]

Karen Edwards Word Press Badge

Karen Edwards, Word Press Badge Reflection I attended (or completed) the Flipped Word Press PD. Summary: I learned how to find the technology PD page, log in and post a reflections blog. I like that I will be able to share what is successful in my classroom and see what works well in other learning spaces. […]

Mary Ohmer – WordPress Badge

After completing a Face-to-Face PD or a Flipped PD, please create a blog post on this page that shares what you learned and how it has/will impact your teaching or student learning.  Your blog should be in the following format: Title: Mary Ohmer – WordPress Badge Reflection: I completed the flipped WordPress PD Summary: I learned […]

Kate Neal-WordPress Badge

  Kate Neal- WordPress badge Reflection: I completed the Flipped WordPress PD. I learned to login and post to WordPress. I like finally knowing all about WordPress! I’ve heard lots of positive comments from teachers in the upper grades. I am inspired to keep posting! I wish I had lots more time to play and learn […]

Julia Winkler & Katie Coan – WordPress Badge

Reflection: We completed the WordPress PD. Summary:  We logged into WordPress and posted a reflection. We like that we’re able to share with colleagues and read about their experiences in an accessible format. We are inspired to discover more unique learning tools for our students. Katie wishes she could log on and create her own post. She is […]