Month: September 2016

Abingdon Teachers Share Tech Integration

Abingdon’s innovative use of technology integration spread throughout the district this summer as teachers from all over the county participated in blended learning professional development opportunities and modeled technology instruction.

Nikki Jondahl-WordPress Badge

Reflection: I completed the WordPress PD. Summary: I completed the Flipped PD for WordPress to learn how to post a new blog to earn my badges. I like that there are clear directions for how to learn new things through Flipped PD and a way to share our learning through WordPress. I am inspired to read […]

PTA Membership Drive – Happening NOW!

Abingdon’s PTA Volunteers have signed up over 100 members so far and will continue to add new families that would like to support our school.

Beata Chambers – WordPress Badge

  Reflection: I attended and completed the WordPress Badge PD. Summary: I learned how to login to wordpress and create post in the Reflection Blog. I like sharing ideas with other teachers/professionals. I am/was inspired to exchange information/ideas/opinions with my co-workers as well as, reflect on my “technology experiences”. I wish I had frequent opportunities to […]

David McDavitt- Word Press Badge

I attended (or completed) the Word Press PD. Summary: I like learning how we will track our tech PD, share ideas, and likely modify our informational pages on the website. I am/was inspired to learn new tech tools to enrich my instruction. I wish I had more class time to integrate more technology. I wonder if this […]

Kim Chi Worldpress Badge

Title: Kim Chi Crittenden– Worlpress BADGE I am  REFLECTING ON Reflection: I attended and completed the Worldpress Badge PD. Summary: I like how I had access to different media tools to learn how to do it . . I was inspired to finish it. . . I wish I had more time to do more […]

Maria Gerald_ WordPress Badge

After completing a Face-to-Face PD or a Flipped PD, please create a blog post on this page that shares what you learned and how it has/will impact your teaching or student learning.  Your blog should be in the following format: Title: YOUR NAME – Maria Gerald Reflection: I attended (or completed) the Word Press PD. […]

Eric Green-WordPress Badge

Title: Eric Green-Wordpress Badge Reflection: I attended (or completed) the WordPress Badge PD. Summary: I like to work in teams because of the opportunity to share ideas with my colleagues. I am inspired to continue learning to navigate through computer tech programs with more efficiency. I wish I had an Ipad right now and I wonder how […]

Word Press Badge

Reflection: I attended (or completed) the technology/WordPress PD. Summary: I like . . .having the support of co-workers and our ITC while working through this process. I am/was inspired to . . .see my co-workers posting and eager to share their thoughts. I wish . . .I felt more comfortable with technology I wonder . […]