Month: July 2016

Firster – Schoology Super Advanced Badge

Title: Firster – Schoology Super Advanced Badge Reflection: I completed the Schoology Advanced Flipped PD. Summary: I went through the Schoology Help list provided in the flipped instructions. I found two things that I have not tried before and used them both for this PD. I looked into two other things but they are only available if you […]

July 18, 2016 – Hard Hat Area Only

Wow!  There is a ton of work taking place at Abingdon. It is now a closed construction area, meaning no one is allowed in without permission, hard hats, and closed toe shoes. I grabbed these pictures from just outside of the fence.

Abingdon Renovation Blog

Check here often for updates on the progress of Abingdon’s renovation.

The Abingdon Read & Roll Book Bus

Teachers and administrators at Abingdon Elementary School are proud to continue running the Abingdon Read & Roll Book Bus for it’s 5th year.