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Description: Experience for yourself this magical educational app that has been used by more than 5.000.000 students around the world. Nearpod is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to a set of mobile devices for their classes.  What’s Nearpod?  The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their Tablet to manage content on students’ mobile devices. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

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Basic Video Tutorial:

How to make a presentation on NearPod:

Using NearPod with students during a live lesson:

Using NearPod for Classroom Assessment:

Tutorial Basic PDF Instruction Sheets:

Nearpod PDF Instructions

1 nearpod

2 nearpod

3 nearpod

4 nearpod

5 nearpod

6 nearpod

7 nearpod

8 nearpod

9 nearpod

10 nearpod

11 nearpod

12 nearpod

Other Resources:

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Nearpod Community Resources

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How to Earn Your NearPod Badge:

Create a NearPod Activity for your students to use in a way that will enhance instruction and communication.  Integrate NearPod into a lesson.  Make sure that your students have the opportunity to interact with NearPod and enter data (draw it, quiz, essay, poll, etc.).   Submit a “Reflections After PD” Blog.