Online Books

The Abingdon Library has a growing collection of eBooks available through MackinVia and FollettShelf. For Ipads, download the MackinVia, Destiny Quest and Follett Brytewave apps from the App Catalog.  See Ms Fatouros for further information.


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.55.51 AMMackinVia provides a wide range of picture books, nonfiction and fiction Ebooks for students and staff to read and enjoy!
To log in:

  1. Type in Abingdon Elementary (make sure to choose Abingdon Elementary, Arlington, VA)
  2. Student Login:
    • User Id:  your APS student number (Library number)
    • Password:  APS assigned password (One Login Password)
  3. Staff Login:  OneLogin username and password


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.56.24 AMWithin Destiny Quest is the option to explore eBooks using  Destiny Discover (formerly Follett Shelf). These books are primarily for elementary school students. Some books are shared countywide. As you might assist your child at the public library, please help your children when selecting books from ebook options.

Student Username:  Student ID number (library number)

Student Password:  APS assigned password (One login)

Teacher Username:  Staff Id number

Password:  Abingdon01

Listed below are more online books resources for students to explore and READ!

Free Resources

Subscription Books:


Through, students and staff have access to TumbleBooks.  A database with a wide selection of picture books and chapters to listen to.   From this site, click on E-books and it will direct you to TumbleBooks.