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We are so glad you are here.


Remote Access to Library Resources:

The library is open 24 hours a day all year long!

Library Databases and Ebooks:  we have research databases, e-books and e-audiobooks for you to check out.

Please follow these directions to access MackinVIA:

 MackinVIA directions


Additional Resources outside APS databases to explore.

  • Find it VA here
  • DK Findout – very visual resource on almost everything – here


The mission of the Abingdon Elementary School Library  is to:

  • assist students in finding books to read for enjoyment;
  • introduce students to authors, illustrators, and a variety of genres;
  • teach information and digital literacy skills;
  • collaborate with classroom teachers to provide instruction to students;
  • provide an atmosphere of empathy and kindness;
  • foster a life-long love of reading.

The library’s collection development plan is to provide materials that:

  • meet the Virginia Standards of Learning;
  • meet the needs of varied interests, abilities, learning styles, maturity levels, ethnic backgrounds, family situations, and language proficiency;
  • develop a global perspective to prepare students to live in the world;
  • encourage growth in factual knowledge, concept development, and appreciation of literature;
  • promote literacy and enjoyment of reading and listening through a variety of methods.

The Library collection has more than 16,000 resources for use by students, teachers and parents. The collection is mainly comprised of books–picture books, easy readers, fiction, non-fiction, biography and reference. In addition we have a growing collection of Ebooks and audiobooks.

library wordle 2.001LIBRARY TIME

Each class visits the library once a week for a scheduled library time. In addition, teachers may sign up for additional library times for their classes to conduct research or activity based lessons relating to curriculum being taught.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is the library open?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:05 pm.

2. Can I only borrow books on my library day?

Besides scheduled library time, students may visit the library for open check-out any morning from 7:30-8:00.

3. What happens during library?

We read stories, do research projects, learn how to find books, learn how to use the resources in the library, use technology, and MUCH more. We also have time to check out books. We do our best to help students find “just right” books.

4. How many books may I check out?

Our mission is to encourage and promote our students’ love of reading by ensuring that they have access to books at school and at home. All Abingdon students, staff, and parents may check out materials from the library. Students are given the opportunity to check out books during their weekly library lessons and may also come to the library at any time to find materials. Library books have a loan period of two weeks but students in grades PreK – 2 are encouraged to return books weekly.

Maximum numbers of books that may be checked out at one time are:

PreK, Kindergarten = 1
1st grade = 2
2nd grade = 2
3rd grade = 3
4th grade = 3
5th grade = 3-4

As students become familiar with our library’s policies and procedures, they may be able to check out as many books as they can read and care for at one time.

If a student have materials more than three weeks overdue, their borrowing privileges will be limited until the overdue materials are returned. There are no fines for overdue materials.  However, students will be asked to pay for lost or damaged items depending on the replacement cost.  Cash or checks made out to “Abingdon Elementary School” are accepted for payment. If a book is found before the end of the school year, money will be refunded.  Please treat our resources gently.


Librarian:  Mrs. Fatouros

Librarian Assistant:  Ms. Palacios