Musical Theatre

Musical Theater
Ms. Abbott – 

Over the past 12 school years, students at Abingdon have choreographed, staged, practiced and performed approximately 42 musicals.

First through Fifth grade students have explored the world of drama, music, and dance.  They then performed their masterpieces for their friends and families.  Students worked on their presentation skills such as speaking loudly, clearly and slowly, using expression in their voice and body, eye contact, using a microphone, and rehearsing ahead of time.  These skills will be important throughout their life.  By starting young, they were able to build their confidence and help eliminate fears of public speaking.  I was very proud of the students as they went through this process of creating a play and bringing it to a performance level.  I watched them grow as singers, dancers, speakers, actors, and performers.  All of their hard work will be worth it in the end.  In the past, we have performed “Go West”, “Bugz”, “Nuts!”, “American Dreams”, “Go Fish”, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”, “Dig It!” and “Once Upon a Lily Pad”.

“Bugz” – Primary Grades Musical (1st-2nd)

Watch “Bugz” Here!

“Go West” – Intermediate Grades Musical (3rd-5th)

Watch “Go West” Here!