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DoceriTitle:  Doceri Badge

Description: The Doceri interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder app is useful to anyone wishing to flip lessons, capture student cognitive processes, remotely control a projected image from a connected computer, make screen annotations on what is displayed (you can make the annotations on a displayed image or a whiteboard), and send your creation for others to see.

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Basic Video Tutorial:

Using this as a Screen Caster – for teachers to flip lessons, or for students to demonstrate knowledge:

Much more detailed video – longer, but has GREAT examples and suggestions for use with students:

Using this as a presentation tool for the teacher:

Tutorial Basic PDF Instruction Sheets:

Doceri PDF Tutorial

1 Doceri

2 Doceri

3 Doceri

4 Doceri

5 Doceri

6 Doceri

7 Doceri

8 Doceri

9 Doceri

10 Doceri

11 Doceri

How to Earn Your Doceri Badge:

Create a Doceri Activity for your students to use in a way that will enhance instruction and communication.  Integrate Doceri into a lesson. Make sure that your students have the opportunity to either use Doceri as a flipped lesson (watching your video with an accountability piece), or create their own screencast video to show and voice their thinking process.   Submit a “Reflections After PD” Blog.