Classroom teachers at Abingdon use a variety of teaching methods to instruct students in science.  Students in kindergarten and first grade teach science through non-fiction literature while most of the content is covered “hands-on” in Science Lab.  Second grade teachers utilize the History Alive Approach in Science Interactive Notebooks, conduct “hands-on” activities, make literature connections with non-fiction books, and also use Kennedy Center CETA activities learning through the arts and drama.  Third grade students use Science Interactive Notebooks, create claymation movies under the supervision of our Tech Crew, make literature connections with non-fiction books, and perform CETA activities as they learn through the arts and drama program.  Third graders also do an incredible investigation of simple machines while they are at the Outdoor Lab. Fourth grade teachers teach their science units using a problem solving approach, Science Interactive Notebooks, and CETA activities.  In fifth grade the integration of technology is an important educational tool in science instruction. Students are creating Keynote presentations to learn about living structures and developing MadPad compositions from the iPad to study light and sound.  All classes are using interactive notebooks and conducting “hands-on” experiments to understand science concepts. Fifth graders are also learning through reader’s theater in science.

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