Middle School Transition

Every year, the Abingdon Counseling Team along with the Abingdon 5th Grade Teachers, work together to provide 5th grade students and families with resources, information, and lessons around student’s upcoming transition to middle school!  This is an exciting time for families but can also be a new experience for many.  We hope to provide as much information as we can to answer all questions and ease any anxieties about the transition.

Where to start?

If you’re not sure which middle school your child is slated to attend, make sure to check with the Arlington County Boundary Locator.

Typically, Abingdon students are split up between the following schools: Gunston Middle School, Kenmore Middle School, and Jefferson Middle School – with a few students being accepted, by lottery, in to HB Woodlawn Secondary Program.

Contact Information & Virtual Orientations

Middle School Gunston Middle School Kenmore Middle School Jefferson Middle School
Middle School Counselor – Point of Contact
  • **Video coming soon**
Kenmore Nearpod Virtual Orientation

Other Resources

Questions about Middle School Math placement?

Questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach out to Abingdon School Counselor, Sarah Mullinax, with any questions or concerns.