Virtual Classrooms

Please find your students’ virtual classrooms below. Note: ONLY student logins may be used to access these classes. No parent logins or personal email addresses may be used. Visit this page for help with Microsoft Teams login.



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Pre-Kindergarten Kim Kerby
Pre-Kindergarten Lauren Meehan
Pre-Kindergarten Maria Gerald
Pre-Kindergarten Samantha Marra
Kindergarten Chelsea Callan
Kindergarten Heather Bond
Kindergarten Kimberly Johnson
Kindergarten Mary Cantwell
Kindergarten Paulette Bunce
Kindergarten Stephanie Dinnen
Kindergarten Thomas Mitchell
1st grade Boae Kim
1st grade Elizabeth Katz
1st Grade Jasmine Leal-Taylor
1st grade Julia Winkler
1st grade Maria Smith
1st grade Nicole Jondahl
1st grade Paige Kearnan
2nd grade Chelsea Sachse
2nd grade Emily Bennett
2nd grade Kathryn Coan
2nd grade Laura Graham (Dulla)
2nd Grade Lorena Reyes-Andrade
2nd grade Sara Edmonds
3rd grade Amanda Domfe
3rd grade Briana Carey
3rd grade Kathryn Breen
3rd grade Mary Perez
3rd grade Rachel Nesbitt
4th grade Jennifer Crawford
4th grade Krishna Patury
4th grade Naomi Holly
4th grade Steve Morse
4th grade Tiffany Stukes
5th grade Eleanor Splan
5th grade Kerry Abbott
5th grade Madeline Hartman
5th grade Melissa Zandonella