Abingdon’s Pre-K Team

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Welcome to Abingdon Pre-K!

Our students are engaged in various learning experiences through exploration, play and direct instruction.

Our Program’s key components are:

  1. Literacy Block, SWPL, and Story Time
  2. Everyday Counts Math
  3. High Scope Group Time and Plan-Do-Review

The first component consists of activities involving ABC knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension and other language skills. Our curriculum includes the Opening the World of Learning (OWLS) literacy program, the Alligators to Zucchini literacy kit, Handwriting Without Tears, and words their way, word study for phonics, vocabulary and spelling instruction. Knowledge and skills are assessed through the PALS test and work sampling reports.The second component consists of activities involving numerals, quantities, patterns and comparisons. The curriculum includes Every Day in Pre-K: Math and daily calendar activities. Knowledge and skills are assessed through Math Checklists and Work Sampling reports.The third component consists of activities in which students construct knowledge as they engage in personal play. These activities offer a wide variety of materials and techniques that support children’s creativity and problem solving. During Plan-Do-Review time the children are engaged in play in four different areas in our classroom, the Block Area, the Home Area, the Toy Area and the Art Area.Our goal throughout the year is to ensure students have the experiences and skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond!