First Grade

Abingdon’s First Grade Team

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Abingdon First Grade is full of… 

First graders all learn to be more independent readers, writers and mathematicians. In first grade we teach reading through the reading workshop model where all students are reading independently in just right books for themselves. Children have choice in the books they read and after reading always share their books with a partner. Teachers instruct during mini-lessons, individual conferences and guided reading groups.


First graders also engage in writing workshop. Students have choice in writing topics and are instructed in how to write in different genres as well as how to edit their writing for proper grammar and spelling. Students then “publish” their great writing and add books to the classroom library that they have written.


In math, students work on learning basic addition and subtraction facts with ease, solving and writing story problems as well as how to count spare change and tell time.  Student learn math through a variety of whole group and small group instruction. Hands on manipulatives and games are interspersed with paper and pencil tasks to make sure the fundamental understanding of each concept is in place.

First Graders participate in Tiny Toy Tales and Poetry in Music as just a few of the CETA programs to enhance their learning. First grade is all about becoming independent thinkers and learners!