Fifth Grade

Abingdon’s Fifth Grade Team

Kerry Abbott –

Nicole Thorpe-

Madeline Reicherter-

Melissa Zandonella-

Mary Perez-

Billie Cooper- 

Kimberly Stewart-



The seniors of Abingdon have been having a blast learning through writing, music, and technology! The fifth grade kicked off the year writing travel journals and going on an overnight field trip to the outdoor lab. Students also learned elements of poetry in writing and applied skills to science concepts.All 5th grade students are in a 1:1 iPad program  That means that each student has an individual iPad that they use throughout the day and take home at night to complete homework assignments.

One of the exciting things fifth graders are doing in science is using iPads to apply what they learn about light and sound. The students compose their own music mix by recording everyday sounds and lights on the iPad application called, MadPad.

Throughout the year, fifth graders are also learning through the use of technology.For instance, students develop strategies to solve word problems and then apply their strategies by social networking with classmates near and far on Pinterest.

Nonfiction reading is a focus in fifth grade. Students will synthesize their nonfiction reading and writing skills by creating iBooks on self-selected topics.