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Connect to your Home Network

Step 1: Reset Network Settings

Find the Settings app, the icon for which is pictured below, and press it to open it.

iOS settings icon

Step 2: Sign In to your Home Network

Note: Neither staff at Abingdon nor staff in the APS Department of Information Services can be responsible for the configuration of your home network. If you need assistance setting up your home network, please contact your internet service provider (ISP).

On the left, find Wi-Fi. Press Wi-Fi.

screenshot of iOS WiFi settings

You will see a list of available home network names, called “SSIDs.” Select your home network name and sign in to your home network as you would with any other device.

If you still cannot connect…

The above steps should resolve all connectivity issues at home. Your first step in troubleshooting is to check the status and configuration of your home network. If you are confident that your home network is not the problem, reach out to Information Services for support.