Abingdon’s Title I Program

Abingdon Elementary School is a Title I School. Our Title I School-Family Partnership Meeting date is December 13, 2022. Please use the following links to learn about Our Title I Schoolwide Program.

What does Title I Look Like at Abingdon?

Qualified, Effective Teachers

  • 96% of teachers are highly qualified, effective teachers
  • Parents have a right to know about their children’s teachers’ qualifications

High Academic Standards

  • Success measured by:○achievement & growth in math & reading state test scores
    • English Learner progress○school absenteeism
  • Abingdon School Quality Profile

Additional Instructional Support & Interventions

  • Title I funds:
    • literacy coaches and math interventionists
    • additional classroom materials, books, & intervention materials to support instruction
    • the Summer Mailbox Book Program and more

Professional Development

  • Title I funds:
    • Responsive Classroom training
    • professional book studies
    • instructional workshops
    • curriculum work

Family Engagement & Community Partnerships

  • opportunities for families to get involved
  • funds family engagement activities
  • Partner with: Rosie Riveters, Toys for Tots, Arlington Sports Foundation

Abingdon Title I Info Sheet